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Selecting a Realtor to sell your home means you'll have a professional who's trained to find qualified and interested Buyers for your property. However, the successful marketing and sale of a home is usually the result of a between the Realtor and the Sellers.

  • As your Realtor Contact, my job is to provide information for your decisions pertaining to pricing, property enhancements, and market presentation.
  • The Sellers' job is to make every effort to present the property in its best possible condition, not only aesthetically, but the property's systems, safety, and maintenance record.


Licensed Agents/Realtors:

Gayle Simpson
806-658-9371 or 435-1352
Diana Hoover
806-658-9113 or 228-6712
Linda Lewis
806-658-4610 or 228-5998

Rex Hoover, Broker